applies the callback to a range of cells

void mapCells(number startrow,string startcol,number numrows,number numcols,function callback);


startrownumberthe start row id
startcolstringthe start column id
numrowsnumberthe amount of rows
numcolsnumberthe amount of columns
callbackfunctionthe function calling for each cell in the specified range


grid.mapCells(1, "title", 3, 2, 
    function(value, row_id, column_id, row_ind, col_ind) {
        console.log(value, row_id, column_id, row_ind, col_ind);

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Parameters of the callback function are:

  • value - (string,number) the cell value
  • row_id - (string,number) the row id
  • column_id - (string,number) the column id
  • row_ind - (number) the row index of a cell within the selected block
  • col_ind - (number) the column index of a cell within the selected block
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