adjusts row height to cell content

void adjustRowHeight( [string columnId,boolean silent] );
columnIdstringcolumn id
silentbooleanapply the method without repainting


//adjusts height of each row to "title" cells
//adjusts height of each row to the highest cell in it

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You need to set fixedRowHeight to false for your datatable, otherwise the method will not have any visible result.

Row height is adjusted to:

  • the height of the cell in a column, which is defined by the columnId parameter;
  • the height of the "biggest" cell in a row, if columnId is not provided.

If you want to apply auto-sizing just after data loading you can do it inside the onResize event handler. Please, note that we can call the adjustRowHeight method in a silent mode because in this case the component will be refreshed automatically:

        { id:"rank",    width:40,   header:"", css:"rank"},
        { id:"title",   width:380,  header:"Film title" },
        { id:"year",    width:160,  header:"Released"   },
        { id:"votes",   width:120,  header:"Votes"      }
            // adjust by "title" column
            this.adjustRowHeight("title", true);
            // or, adjust by any column 
            this.adjustRowHeight(null, true); 

This method will slowdown a component a lot.

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