Data Export

SpreadSheet provides the possibility to export data to Excel, PDF ans PNG formats.

For any of these formats, you need to initialize a SpreadSheet first:

    data: sheet1_data

Then call the corresponding method: toPDF, toPNG or toExcel to export data from SpreadSheet into the file of the necessary format:

for Excel:


for PDF:


for PNG:


Related sample:  Export to .xlsx, .pdf and .png

Exporting Data Offline

The dependencies which are used for providing export possibilities are generally taken from Webix CDN online catalog. If you need to implement data export offline, you should complete the following steps:

webix.cdn = "/local_folder";

Note that specifying the path to the local CDN repository has some peculiarities:

1) in case you set the path relative to the current page, it should be specified as:

webix.cdn = "../../../../local_folder";

2) the absolute path to the repository should be specified as follows:

webix.cdn = "http://localhost/local_folder";
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