Data Export

SpreadSheet provides the possibility to export data to Excel, PDF, CSV and PNG formats.

For any of these formats, you need to initialize a SpreadSheet first:

    data: sheet1_data

Then call the corresponding method: toPDF, toPNG or toExcel to export data from SpreadSheet into the file of the necessary format:

for Excel:


for PDF:


for PNG:


for CSV:


By default, SpreadSheet data is exported to any format with the following settings:

  • header:false - the sheet header is not exported
  • rawValues:true - all dataset columns are exported
  • spans:true - column and row spans are exported
  • styles:true - styles are exported
  • math:true - math formulas are exported
  • ignore:{rowId:true} - the column with row ids isn't exported

You can change this behavior by specifying the desired settings as object in the second parameter of the export methods. For example:


Related sample:  Export to .xlsx, .pdf and .png

Export to Excel Settings

SpreadSheet allows exporting a range of settings into an Excel file.

  • math formulas

You need to set the math:true property in the second parameter of the toExcel method.

webix.toExcel($$("ss1"),{ math:true});

Spreadsheet supports sheet-specific named ranges only, global named ranges won't be exported.

  • cell styles

The styles are exported by default. If they are not, set the styles option to true in the second parameter of the toExcel method.

webix.toExcel($$("ss1"),{ styles:true});
  • column and row spans

The spans are exported by default. Otherwise, set the spans:true property in the second parameter of the toExcel method:

webix.toExcel($$("ss1"),{ spans:true});
  • row heights This setting is regulated by the heights option, which is set to false by default and can take the following values:
    • true - to export only custom row heights (different from the default rowHeight);
    • "all" - to export both custom and default row heights;
    • false - default, row heights are not exported.
webix.toExcel($$("ss1"), {

In case the styles:true option is set, the heights option is automatically set to "all".

  • multiple sheets

By default, Spreadsheet exports the currently active sheet to an Excel file. You can have three more possible options:

1) to export all the sheets, set the sheets:true option in the second parameter of the toExcel method:

webix.toExcel($$("ss1"),{ sheets:true});

2) to export separate sheets, set an array with sheets ids as a value of the sheets option:


3) to export a certain sheet, set its id as a value of the sheets option:

  • the header of a sheet

By default the header of a sheet is not exported. To export the content of a header, you need to use the header option and set it to true:

webix.toExcel($$("ss1"), {

Exporting Data Offline

You can export SpreadSheet data offline. To enable this possibility, you should follow the common way for all data components.

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