You can easily localize SpreadSheet, by defining all the necessary language settings.

The SpreadSheet widget package includes only the en-US locale. Check our Locales repository for the language you need or create your own locale. Feel free to contribute your successful translation.

It's possible to localize the following properties:

  • labels on the instruments panel
  • tooltips for instruments
  • names of the menu items

The labels of SpreadSheet buttons, menu items and tooltips are stored in the webix.i18n.spreadsheet object:

webix.i18n.spreadsheet {
        // formats
        "common": "Common",
        "currency": "Currency",
        "number": "Number",
        "percent": "Percent",
        "date": "Date",
        "string": "Text",
        "custom-format": "Custom",
        "decimal-places":"Decimal places",
        "separator":"Group separator",
        "negative":"Negative number",
        "date-format":"Date format",
        "format-docs":"How to create a format",
        // titles
        "undo-redo": "Undo/Redo",
        "font": "Font",
        "text": "Text",
        "cell": "Cell",
        "align": "Align",
        "format": "Number",
        "column": "Column",
        "borders": "Borders",
        "px": "px",
        "apply": "Apply",
        // popups and dialogs
        "cancel": "Cancel",
        "save": "Save",
        // multisheets
        "sheet": "Sheet",
        // conditions
        "conditional-format": "Conditional Format",
        "condition": "Condition",
        "conditional-value": "Value",
        "conditional-style": "Style",
        "conditional-not-equal":"not equal",
        // ranges
        "range": "Range",
        "range-title": "Named ranges",
        "range-name": "Name",
        "range-cells": "Range",
        // images
        "image-or": "or",
        "image-title": "Add image",
        "image-upload": "Select file for upload",
        "image-url": "URL (e.g. http://*)",
        // sparklines
        "sparkline-title": "Add sparkline",
        "sparkline-type": "Type",
        "sparkline-range": "Range",
        "sparkline-color": "Color",
        "sparkline-positive": "Positive",
        "sparkline-negative": "Negative",
        // custom format
        "format-title": "Set format",
        "format-pattern": "Format pattern",
        "dropdown-empty": "Empty cells",
        "dropdown-title": "Add dropdown",
        "dropdown-range": "Range",
        // confirm
        "ok": "OK",
        // import/export
        "import-title": "Import",
        "import-not-support": "Sorry, your browser does not support import",
        "export-title": "Export",
        "export-name": "Name of xslx file",
        "export-all-sheets":"Export all sheets",
        // add link
        "link-title": "Add Link",
        "link-name": "Text",
        "link-url": "URL",
        "image": "Image",
        "graph": "Graph",
        //conditional format labels
        "display" : "Display",
        "value" : "Value",
        // confirm messages
        "range-remove-confirm": "Are you sure you want to remove the range permanently?",
        "sheet-remove-confirm": "Are you sure you want to remove the sheet permanently?",
        "merge-cell-confirm":"Only the left top value will remain after merging. Continue?",
        "error-range": "The range is incorrect!",
        "print-title":"Before you print..",
        "print-settings":"General settings",
        "print-paper":"Paper size",
        "current-sheet":"Current sheet",
        "all-sheets":"All sheets",
        "selection":"Selected cells",
        "borderless":"Hide gridlines",
        "sheet-names":"Show sheet names",
        "skip-rows":"Skip empty rows",
        "margin":"Hide margins",
        "page-a4":"A4 (210x297mm)",
        "page-a3":"A3 (297x420mm)",
        "page-width":"Page width",
        "page-actual":"Actual Size",
    tooltips: {
        "color": "Font color",
        "background": "Background color",
        "font-family": "Font family",
        "font-size": "Font size",
        "text-align": "Horizontal align",
        "vertical-align": "Vertical align",
        "borders": "Borders",
        "borders-no": "Clear borders",
        "borders-left": "Left border",
        "borders-top": "Top border",
        "borders-right": "Right border",
        "borders-bottom": "Bottom border",
        "borders-all": "All borders",
        "borders-outer": "Outer borders",
        "borders-top-bottom": "Top and bottom borders",
        "borders-color": "Border color",
        "align-left": "Left align",
        "align-center": "Center align",
        "align-right": "Right align",
        "align-top": "Top align",
        "align-middle": "Middle align",
        "align-bottom": "Bottom align",
        "span": "Merge",
        "wrap": "Text wrap",
        "undo": "Undo",
        "redo": "Redo",
        "format": "Number format",
        "increase-decimals":"Increase decimal places",
        "decrease-decimals":"Decrease decimal places",
        "font-weight": "Bold",
        "font-style": "Italic",
        "text-decoration": "Underline",
        "hide-gridlines": "Hide/show gridlines",
        "hide-headers": "Hide/show headers",
        "freeze-columns" : "Freeze/unfreeze columns",
        "add-range": "Set name for the selected range",
        "conditional": "Conditional formatting",
        "add-sheet": "Add Sheet",
        "lock-cell": "Lock/unlock cell",
        "clear": "Clear",
        "add-link": "Add link",
        "row": "Rows",
        "column": "Columns",
        "sheet": "Sheet",
        "add-image": "Image",
        "add-sparkline": "Graph",
        "add-comment": "Comment"
        "remove-sheet": "Remove sheet",
        "rename-sheet": "Rename sheet",
        "file": "File",
        "new": "New",
        "new-sheet": "New sheet",
        "excel-import": "Import from Excel",
        "excel-export": "Export to Excel",
        "sheet": "Sheets",
        "copy-sheet": "Copy to new sheet",
        "edit": "Edit",
        "undo": "Undo",
        "redo": "Redo",
        "columns": "Columns",
        "insert-column": "Insert column",
        "delete-column": "Delete column",
        "show-column": "Show column",
        "hide-column": "Hide column",
        "resize-column": "Resize column",
        "rows": "Rows",
        "insert-row": "Insert row",
        "delete-row": "Delete row",
        "show-row": "Show row",
        "hide-row": "Hide row",
        "resize-row": "Resize row",
        "insert": "Insert",
        "conditional-format": "Conditional format",
        "clear": "Clear",
        "clear-conditional-formats":"Conditional formats",
        "clear-dropdown-editors":"Dropdowns and filters",
        "add-image": "Image",
        "add-sparkline": "Graph",
        "data": "Data",
        "add-link": "Add link",
        "add-range": "Named ranges",
        "sort": "Sort",
        "sort-asc": "Sort A to Z",
        "sort-desc": "Sort Z to A",
        "create-filter": "Create filter",
        "view": "View",
        "freeze-columns": "Freeze/unfreeze columns",
        "freeze-rows": "Freeze/unfreeze rows",
        "hide-gridlines": "Hide/show gridlines",
        "hide-headers": "Hide/show headers",
        "add-dropdown": "Add dropdown",
        "lock-cell": "Lock/unlock cell",
        "print": "Print",
        "format-error":"INCORRECT FORMAT"
        "dateFormat": "mm/dd/yyyy",
        "timeFormat": "hh:mm AM/PM",
        "longDateFormat": "dd mmmm yyyy",
        "fullDateFormat": "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM"

To apply a custom locale, you can follow one of the two ways:

1) hard-code the translated labels according to your locale in the webix.i18n.spreadsheet object;

2) provide translations to the desired Webix locale:

  • include translated labels and tooltips into the needed Webix locale as webix.i18n.locales[localeName].spreadsheet:
webix.i18n.locales["ru-RU"].spreadsheet = {
       "common": "Общий",
       "currency": "Валюта",
       "color": "Цвет текста",

The second way is more flexible.

Related sample:  Localization

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