You can easily localize SpreadSheet, by defining all the necessary language settings.

The SpreadSheet widget package includes only the en-US locale. Check our Locales repository for the language you need or create your own locale. Feel free to contribute your successful translation.

It's possible to localize the following properties:

  • labels on the instruments panel
  • tooltips for instruments
  • names of the menu items

The labels of SpreadSheet buttons, menu items and tooltips are stored in the webix.i18n.spreadsheet object:

export default {
        // formats
        "common": "Common",
        "currency": "Currency",
        "number": "Number",
        "percent": "Percent",
        "date": "Date",
        "string": "Text",
        "custom-format": "Custom",
        "decimal-places":"Decimal places",
        "separator":"Group separator",
        "negative":"Negative number",
        "date-format":"Date format",
        "format-docs":"How to create a format",
        // titles
        "undo-redo": "Undo/Redo",
        "font": "Font",
        "text": "Text",
        "cell": "Cell",
        "align": "Align",
        "format": "Number",
        "column": "Column",
        "borders": "Borders",
        "px": "px",
        "apply": "Apply",
        // popups and dialogs
        "cancel": "Cancel",
        "save": "Save",
        // multisheets
        "sheet": "Sheet",
        // conditions
        "conditional-format": "Conditional Format",
        "condition": "Condition",
        "conditional-style": "Style",
        "conditional-operator": "Operator",
        "conditional-not-equal":"not equal",
        // ranges
        "range": "Range",
        "range-title": "Named ranges",
        "range-name": "Name",
        "range-cells": "Range",
        "range-scope": "Scope",
        "range-global": "Book",
        // images
        "image-or": "or",
        "image-title": "Add image",
        "image-upload": "Select file for upload",
        "image-url": "URL (e.g. http://*)",
        // sparklines
        "sparkline-title": "Add sparkline",
        "sparkline-type": "Type",
        "sparkline-range": "Range",
        "sparkline-color": "Color",
        "sparkline-positive": "Positive",
        "sparkline-negative": "Negative",
        // custom format
        "format-title": "Set format",
        "format-pattern": "Format pattern",
        "dropdown-empty": "Empty cells",
        "dropdown-title": "Add dropdown",
        "dropdown-range": "Range",
        // confirm
        "ok": "OK",
        // import/export
        "import-title": "Import",
        "import-not-support": "Sorry, your browser does not support import",
        "export-title": "Export",
        "export-name": "Name of xslx file",
        "export-all-sheets":"Export all sheets",
        // add link
        "link-title": "Add Link",
        "link-name": "Text",
        "link-url": "URL",
        "image": "Image",
        "add-image-cell":"Add to cell",
        "add-image-top":"Add above cells",
        "graph": "Graph",
        "add-sparkline":"Add to cell",
        "add-chart":"Add above cells",
        //conditional format labels
        "display" : "Display",
        "value" : "Value",
        // confirm messages
           "Are you sure you want to remove the range permanently?",
           "Are you sure you want to remove the sheet permanently?",
           "Only the left top value will remain after merging. Continue?",
        "error-range": "The range is incorrect!",
        "error-link": "The link is incorrect!",
        "print-title":"Before you print..",
        "print-settings":"General settings",
        "print-paper":"Paper size",
        "selection":"Selected cells",
        "borderless":"Hide gridlines",
        "sheet-names":"Show sheet names",
        "skip-rows":"Skip empty rows",
        "margin":"Hide margins",
        "page-a4":"A4 (210x297mm)",
        "page-a3":"A3 (297x420mm)",
        "page-width":"Page width",
        "page-actual":"Actual Size",
        "external-ui":"External UI",
        "print-borders": "Show print borders",
        "fit-content": "Fit to content",
        "default-size":"Reset to default",
        "chart-edit":"Edit chart",
        "export-view-pdf":"PDF document",
        "export-view-png":"PNG image",
        "export-view-excel":"Excel file",
        "splinearea-chart":"Spline Area",
        "chart-x-axis":"X axis",
        "chart-y-axis":"Y axis",
        "chart-scale-color":"Scale color",
        "chart-col-xAxis":"Use left column as xAxis",
        "chart-col-yAxis":"Use left column as yAxis",
        "chart-row-xAxis":"Use top row as xAxis",
        "chart-row-yAxis":"Use top row as yAxis",
        "chart-yAxis-note":"* Set all the following parameters to see the effect",
        "chart-row-legend":"Use top row as legend",
        "chart-col-legend":"Use left column as legend",
        "chart-legend-range":"Legend range",
        "chart-legend-valign":"Vertical align",
        "add-line":"Add line",
        "chart-data-from":"Data series from",
        "chart-radar-circle":"Circled lines"
    tooltips: {
        "color": "Font color",
        "background": "Background color",
        "font-family": "Font family",
        "font-size": "Font size",
        "text-align": "Horizontal align",
        "vertical-align": "Vertical align",
        "borders": "Borders",
        "borders-no": "Clear borders",
        "borders-left": "Left border",
        "borders-top": "Top border",
        "borders-right": "Right border",
        "borders-bottom": "Bottom border",
        "borders-all": "All borders",
        "borders-outer": "Outer borders",
        "borders-top-bottom": "Top and bottom borders",
        "borders-color": "Border color",
        "align-left": "Left align",
        "align-center": "Center align",
        "align-right": "Right align",
        "align-top": "Top align",
        "align-middle": "Middle align",
        "align-bottom": "Bottom align",
        "span": "Merge",
        "wrap": "Text wrap",
        "undo": "Undo",
        "redo": "Redo",
        "format": "Number format",
        "increase-decimals":"Increase decimal places",
        "decrease-decimals":"Decrease decimal places",
        "font-weight": "Bold",
        "font-style": "Italic",
        "underline": "Underline",
        "strike": "Strike",
        "hide-gridlines": "Hide/show gridlines",
        "hide-headers": "Hide/show headers",
        "show-formulas": "Hide/show formulas",
        "print-borders": "Hide/show print borders",
        "create-filter": "Create/remove filters",
        "freeze-columns" : "Freeze/unfreeze columns",
        "add-range": "Set name for the selected range",
        "conditional": "Conditional formatting",
        "add-sheet": "Add Sheet",
        "lock-cell": "Lock/unlock cell",
        "clear": "Clear",
        "add-link": "Add link",
        "row": "Rows",
        "column": "Columns",
        "sheet": "Sheet",
        "add-image": "Image",
        "add-sparkline": "Graph",
        "add-comment": "Comment",
        "increase-indent" : "Increase indent",
        "decrease-indent": "Decrease indent",
        "show-sheet": "Show sheet"
        "remove-sheet": "Remove sheet",
        "rename-sheet": "Rename sheet",
        "hide-sheet": "Hide sheet",
        "file": "File",
        "new": "New",
        "new-sheet": "New sheet",
        "excel-import": "Import from Excel",
        "excel-export": "Export to Excel",
        "sheet": "Sheets",
        "copy-sheet": "Copy to new sheet",
        "edit": "Edit",
        "undo": "Undo",
        "redo": "Redo",
        "columns": "Columns",
        "insert-column": "Insert column",
        "delete-column": "Delete column",
        "show-column": "Show column",
        "hide-column": "Hide column",
        "resize-column": "Resize column",
        "rows": "Rows",
        "insert-row": "Insert row",
        "delete-row": "Delete row",
        "show-row": "Show row",
        "hide-row": "Hide row",
        "resize-row": "Resize row",
        "insert": "Insert",
        "conditional-format": "Conditional format",
        "common": "common",
        "text": "text",
        "clear": "Clear",
        "clear-conditional-formats":"Conditional formats",
        "clear-dropdown-editors":"Dropdowns and filters",
        "image": "Image",
        "add-image-cell":"Add to cell",
        "add-image-top":"Add above cells",
        "graph": "Graph",
        "add-sparkline":"Add to cell",
        "add-chart":"Add above cells",
        "data": "Data",
        "add-link": "Add link",
        "add-range": "Named ranges",
        "sort": "Sort",
        "sort-asc": "Sort A to Z",
        "sort-desc": "Sort Z to A",
        "view": "View",
        "freeze-columns": "Freeze/unfreeze columns",
        "freeze-rows": "Freeze/unfreeze rows",
        "hide-gridlines": "Hide/show gridlines",
        "hide-headers": "Hide/show headers",
        "show-formulas": "Hide/show formulas",
        "create-filter": "Create/remove filters",
        "add-dropdown": "Add dropdown",
        "lock-cell": "Lock/unlock cell",
        "print": "Print",
        "print-borders": "Hide/show print borders",
        "cut": "Cut",
        "copy": "Copy",
        "paste": "Paste",
        "special-paste": "Special paste",
        "paste-values": "Values",
        "paste-formulas": "Formulas",
        "paste-styles": "Styles",
        "paste-conditions": "Conditional formats"
        "format-error":"INCORRECT FORMAT"
        "dateFormat": "mm/dd/yyyy",
        "timeFormat": "hh:mm AM/PM",
        "longDateFormat": "dd mmmm yyyy",
        "fullDateFormat": "mm/dd/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM",
        "parseDateTime": "%m/%d/%Y %G:%i:%s",
        "parseDate": "%m/%d/%Y",
        "currencies": [
            "{obj} €",
            "R$ {obj}",
            "{obj} rub."

To apply a custom locale, you can follow one of the two ways:

  • hard-code the translated labels according to your locale in the webix.i18n.spreadsheet object;

  • provide translations to the desired Webix locale:

    1. Include translated labels and tooltips into the needed Webix locale as webix.i18n.locales[localeName].spreadsheet.
    2. Set the locale with the setLocale method:

webix.i18n.locales["ru-RU"].spreadsheet = {
       "common": "Общий",
       "currency": "Валюта",
       "color": "Цвет текста",

The second way is more flexible.

Related sample:  Localization

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