loads data to the component from an inline data source

void parse(promise|string|array|object data, [string type,boolean clear] );
datapromise|string|array|objectthe data to add
typestringthe data type: 'json' (default), 'xml', 'csv', 'jsarray', "excel" (combined with "binary" proxy)
clearbooleanif true, the current data are erased before new data are parsed


var str = "<data><item id='1'><title>The Lord of the Rings</title>"+
    "<year>2003</year></item>" +
    "<item id='2'><title>Star Wars: Episode V</title>"+

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The data parameter can have the following types:

  • data promise (object),
  • object of another data component,
  • inline data:
    • array
    • string

If you want to parse data in addition to the existing dataset, specify position of parsing, namely the index from which you insert new data:

    // the number of records will be equal to the last index plus 1
    pos: $$("datatable").count(),
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