sends a request to load the specified number of records to the end of the client-side dataset or to the specified position

promise loadNext(number count,number start,function callback,string url,boolean now, [boolean clear] );
countnumberthe number of records fetch
startnumberthe start position to load data from
callbackfunctionthe callback function
urlstringthe data url
nowbooleanspecifies whether the incoming data request should be satisfied immediately. If it's set to true the datathrottle property will be ignored.
clearbooleanif true, the current data are erased before new data are loaded
promisethe result of a request



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The method returns a promise that:

  • is resolved when the data are loaded
    var json = data.json();
  • is rejected if a loading error occurs or if you attempt to request the same portion of data
    // your code here
// catch is the Webix alias if fail()
    // your code here
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