returns an editor object

object getEditor(string| number| WebixCellObject row, [string| number column] );
rowstring| number| WebixCellObjectrow id or an object with full position
columnstring| numbercolumn id
objectan object with the editor state and info


//return last opened editor
var editor = view.getEditor();
//return specific editor 
var editor = view.getEditor(3, "year");
var editor = view.getEditor({row:3, column:"year"});


Editor object

    column: column id,
    config: editor configuration object,
    focus: method that sets focus for an editor,
    getInputNode: method that return the input node of an editor,
    getValue: method that return editor value   ,
    node: HTML node of the editor,
    render: method that renders the editor,
    setValue: method that sets value for an editor,
    value: current editor value,

You can access all methods of editor through this object

//get value
var value = some.getEditor().getValue();
//set value
some.getEditor().setValue( new_value );
//set focus
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