returns the inner ID of an item by its public (real) ID

number|string innerId(number|string id);
idnumber|stringthe public ID of an item
number|stringthe inner ID of item

The method will be to the point when you use the same IDs for several nested components, e.g. you place two columns on a page and put a list component inside each of them.

Both lists have the same ID:"mylist".

     { id:"col1", isolate:true, rows:[
        { view:"list", id:"mylist", data:webix.copy(list_data)  },        
     { id:"col2", isolate:true, rows:[
        {view:"list", id:"mylist", data:webix.copy(list_data) },        

So, when you need to refer to one of these lists, you should use:

// for example, to get the id of the list in the second column

Vice versa, to get the real ID of an item, use the code as in:

var realId = some.$$(innerId)
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