addFilter adds a filter into a cell
addImage adds an image into a cell
addSheet adds a new sheet into a SpreadSheet
addSparkline adds a sparkline into a cell
addStyle creates a new style
adjust adjusts the component to the size of the parent HTML container
alert creates an alert box
attachEvent attaches the handler to an inner event of the component
bind binds components
blockEvent temporarily blocks triggering of ALL events of the calling object
callEvent calls an inner event
changeDecimals increases/decreases decimal places
clearRange clears either selected or specified range of cells
clearSheet clears the content of the currently active sheet
combineCells merges several adjacent cells
compactStyles removes unused styles for the current sheet
confirm creates a confirm box
define redefines a single configuration property (or a hash of properties)
deleteColumn deletes a column by id
deleteRow deletes a row by id
destructor destructs the calling object
detachEvent detaches a handler from an event (which was attached before by the attachEvent method)
disable disables the calling view (makes it dimmed and unclickable)
eachSelectedCell iterates over all selected cells in the table
editSheet selects the sheet name for editing
enable enables the calling view that was disabled by the 'disable' method
filterSpreadSheet invokes SpreadSheet filtering by all existing filters
freezeColumns fixes the specified amount of columns "on the fly", starting from the very left one
freezeRows fixes the specified amount of rows "on the fly", starting from the very top one
getActiveSheet returns the name of the currently active sheet
getCellEditor returns the editor set in a cell
getCellValue returns the value of the cell
getChildViews returns child views of the calling component
getColumn returns the configuration object of the specified SpreadSheet column
getFormView returns master form for the input
getNode returns the main HTML container for the calling object
getParentView returns the parent view of the component
getRow returns the row data by its id
getSelectedId returns the ids of all cells in the select area
getSelectedRange returns the range of selected cells
getSheetData alllows accessing data and ranges of any sheet
getStyle returns the style set for the cell
getTopParentView returns top parent view
groupUndo marks several actions so that they will be undone as one
hasEvent checks whether the component has the specified event
hide hides the view
hideColumn hides a specified column in the sheet
hideGridlines hides the gridlines of the sheet
hideHeaders hides all headers of rows and columns on the sheet
hideRow hides a specified row in the sheet
ignoreUndo excludes actions from the history of changes
innerId returns the inner ID of an item by its public (real) ID
insertColumn inserts an empty column to the left of the specified one
insertRow inserts an empty row above the specified one
isCellLocked checks whether the cell under question is locked
isColumnVisible checks whether the specified column is visible
isEnabled checks whether the view is enabled
isRowVisible checks whether the specified row is visible
isVisible checks whether the view is visible
load loads data from an external data source
lockCell protects a cell or a range of cells from editing
mapEvent routes events from one object to another
parse loads data to the component from an inline data source
queryView returns inner element/elements of a widget that correspond(s) to the defined parameters
recalculate recalculates all formulas in the current sheet
redo remakes the action that was reverted by the undo action
refresh repaints spreadsheet
registerMathMethod adds a custom function that will be used in formulas
removeFilter removes filters from the sheet
removeSheet removes a sheet by name
renameSheet replaces the sheet name with the a new one
reset resets the SpreadSheet settings to the initial state
resetUndo resets the Undo history
resize adjusts the view to a new size
saveCell saves changes made in the cell
serialize serializes SpreadSheet data to a JSON object
setCellEditor creates an editor in a cell
setCellFilter creates a select filter
setCellValue sets a value for the cell
setColumnWidth sets the width of the spreadsheet column
setFormat sets a custom format for a cell
setPlaceholder sets a data placeholder for a cell
setRangeStyle sets a style for a range of cells
setRangeValue sets a value for the range
setRowHeight sets the height of the spreadsheet row
setStyle sets a style for a cell
show makes the component visible
showSheet shows a sheet by name
sortRange sorts a range of cells
splitCell splits the cells' span that was made by merging several cells
ui allows creating new ui, the id of which will be locked in the parent id space
unbind breaks "bind" link
unblockEvent cancels events blocking that was enabled by the 'blockEvent' command
undo undo operation in SpreadSheet
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