returns the value of the cell

string getCellValue(number row,number column,boolean math,string page);
rownumberthe row number
columnnumberthe column number
mathbooleanreturns the cell math value (if any), 'true' by default
pagestringthe name of the sheet you want to perform an operation on
stringthe value of the cell


var value = $$("ssheet").getCellValue(3, 1, true, "Sheet2");


If the math parameter is true the method will return the math value from the specified cell. If there is no math value or the math parameter is false, the cell value itself will be returned.

// assuming the cell value (A1) is "=5"
$$("ssheet").getCellValue(1,1,false); // "5"
$$("ssheet").getCellValue(1,1); // "=5"
// assuming the cell value (A1) is "1"
$$("ssheet").getCellValue(1,1,false); // "1"
$$("ssheet").getCellValue(1,1); // "1"
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