creates an editor in a cell

void setCellEditor(number rowId,number columnId,object editorObject);
rowIdnumberthe row id
columnIdnumberthe column id
editorObjectobjectan object with editor type and options (for richselect)


$$("ss1").setCellEditor(8,1,{ editor:"ss_richselect", options:["One", "Two", "Three"]});
// or
$$("ss1").setCellEditor(8,2,{ editor:"ss_richselect", options:"B3:B7", empty:true });

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The editorObject parameter can have the following properties:

  • editor - (string) the editor type (ss_richselect or excel_date)
  • options - (string,array) a range of cell references or an array of editor options
  • empty - (boolean) specifies whether to add an empty option

You can pass null as the editorObject parameter. In this case the editor will be removed from the cell.

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