returns the editor set in a cell

object getCellEditor(number row,number column);
rownumberthe row id
columnnumberthe column id
objectan object with editor type and a set of options (see the details)


// setting a cell editor
$$("ss1").setCellEditor(8,1,{editor:"ss_richselect", options:["One","Two","Three"]});
// getting the cell editor
$$("ss1").getCellEditor(8,1); //->{editor:"ss_richselect", options:["One","Two","Three"]}

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The returned object contains two properties:

  • editor - (string) the type of the editor
  • options - (string,array) an array of editor options or a range of cell references
{editor:"ss_richselect", options:["One","Two","Three"]}
// or
{editor:"ss_richselect", options:"B3:B7"}
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