creates a new style

void addStyle(object styleProps,object baseStyle);
stylePropsobjectan object with the new style properties
baseStyleobjectoptional, an object of the base style


// adding a style
var styleProps = $$("ssheet").addStyle({
    "color": "#FFFFFF"
// setting the created style for a cell
// redrawing SpreadSheet


You can use a previously created style as a base and complete it with some new style properties to make a new style:

// creating a new style on the base of the previous one
var newStyle = $$("ssheet").addStyle({
    "font-style": "italic"
}, baseStyle);
// applying the new style to a cell
$$("ssheet").setStyle(3,2, newStyle);
// redrawing SpreadSheet

Note that the style options are limited:

"background", "borders", "border-bottom", "border-left", "border-right", "border-top", "color", "font-family", "font-size", "font-style", "font-weight", "format", "indent", "strike", "text-align", "underline", "vertical-align", "wrap".

Pay attention that for cell borders you can specify only the border-color property, while the border-width and border-style properties have predefined values: 1px and solid, correspondingly.

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