Version 10.0

released on November 9, 2022

Breaking Changes

  • formulas with HYPERLYNK stopped supporting browser styling

If there are links in the data and you want to keep them colored and underlined, you need to add styles for them separately.

const baseStyle = ss.getStyle(1, 1);
const urlStyle = ss.addStyle({ color: "#0000ff", underline: "underline" }, baseStyle);
ss.setStyle(1, 1, urlStyle);

New Features

  • strict mode for plus operation
  • hide/show sheets via the menu
  • preview of print page borders
  • demo: pressing ctrl+g allows you to move to any cell in the table
  • hyperlink: show cell


  • loading global ranges
  • ranges highlight
  • VLOOKUP for 0s returns null
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