Version 7.3

released on April 22, 2020

Breaking Changes


The function LINK is now renamed to HYPERLINK for better Excel compatibility.

Filter Methods

The following methods were updated:

  • the method addFilter() was replaced with setCellFilter()
  • the method removeFilter() was renamed to removeFilters()

Check details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features

Charts and Images Support

Spreadsheet can now work with embedded Charts and Images


Filter Updates

  • filter button now reflects filter state
  • change in behavior: button click first removes all filters, then sets them
  • filter cell preserves its value, it is editable on a double click
  • apply filter value on serializing and parsing
  • ability to filter formatted values

New Events

Dates Handling

  • Date format is copied in date formulas like "=A6+1" where "A6" is a date cell
  • conditional formatting for dates
  • formatted dates in dropdowns


  • ability to resize columns/rows by content
  • the setCellFilter() method now takes a filter object as third parameter
  • the addFilter() method was removed
  • the removeFilter() method was renamed to removeFilters()
  • the setColumnWidth() and setRowHeight() allow to define "auto" size as second parameter
  • the "date" editor was renamed to "excel_date"
  • there is now an ability to export active links to Excel.


  • correct conversion of Excel date to JS date
  • adjusting width of index column
  • minColumnWidth increased
  • column auto-adjusting issues
  • lock icon is misaligned
  • header selection with hidden columns
  • headers are highlighted during DnD selection
  • local styles interfere with outside Datatable and Button components
  • correct line-height for small cells
  • cell line-height becomes middle to match default Datatable cell style
  • column autosize with wrapped cells
  • cell filter expands hidden rows
  • string dates are parsed initially
  • date-like value with text format is parsed when setting common format
  • date with text format
  • incorrect month identifying within date formats
  • date format fails in case of "excel_date" editor during parsing
  • undo for date formulas
  • undo for Excel filer
  • correct copy-paste operations with filter
  • Excel filter and spans
  • export of formulas to Excel
  • export bold/italic/underline styles
  • caching multi-sheet math formulas
  • remove all related views on destruction
  • the correct CSS for styles with font weight
  • the correct sheet name max width in the bottom bar
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