Version 9.0

released on October 7, 2021


  • ability to add as many conditions as needed
  • ability to stub cells during export to Excel
  • more math methods are supported (170 in total)
  • increased column count limit


  • Sheet actions cause errors when the bottom bar is hidden
  • The endsWith and notEndsWith condition do not work with numeric values
  • The getRow method regression: method does not return data from last column
  • Deletion of the last column worked incorrectly
  • More than three conditional formats cannot be shown
  • When a row or a column are added, their height and width are not set to the first selected cell
  • conditional formats with text rules and empty cells do not work correctly
  • conditional formats do not work properly when the comparison value contains the "equal" sign
  • parsing data with a single "=" sign in a cell results in a reference error
  • formulas with the + operator are sometimes executed as string concatenation
  • seconds are not display correctly by the TIME() method
  • impossible to delete a formula that refers to an undefined cell
  • cross-sheets formulas stop executing on multiple references
  • a formula that evaluates an empty cell value does not work
  • incorrect order of values in cell ranges within math methods
  • row height is not applied during data loading
  • conditional formats cannot be copied into empty cells
  • cross-sheet formulas are serialized incorrectly without activating the initial sheet
  • colors of chart series are not updated after altering its source data
  • cut formulas are processed as copied ones
  • copy & paste of cells works unstably during keyboard navigation
  • typed formulas in conditional formats window are not adjusted to uppercase
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