Version 7.4

released on July 7, 2020


Advanced Chart Wizard

  • ability to define separate data for each of the chart series;
  • ability to define data for legend and X axis (pie labels);
  • ability to choose colors for series;
  • ability to fine-tune legend: position, etc;
  • ability to export embedded charts to PDF, PNG and Excel, export embedded images to PDF and PNG.


  • ability to undo move and resize operations with external UI
  • setting common styling for the whole data row
  • typing a single separator in the cell causes an error
  • options of Richselect editor are always sorted as strings
  • autocomplete in live editor duplicates function names
  • pressing Enter after operand in live editor updates cell formula
  • math performance during recalculating
  • update references in formulas when deleting edge cells in the range
  • update absolute references in formulas when adding/deleting columns
  • adjust rows and columns with spanned cells
  • value in formulas for edited empty cells
  • clear live editor on importing Excel files
  • formula autocompletion in live editor
  • correct sheet names while exporting to Excel
  • remove external UI dialog when view is removed
  • sample with Russian locale
  • embedded charts and images cannot move
  • backward compatibility for =LINK formula in data
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