Version 8.0

released on October 8, 2020

New Features

  • export to PDF with styles and multiple sheets (by API)
  • "reset to default" option in resize row/column menu
  • "border type" option in the border menu



  • include conditional styling into export with styles
  • incorrect series in charts if a range contain spaces
  • recollect series and legend items when adding series via a comma
  • update charts on row and column operations
  • incorrect cell type for sparklines/images during toExcel export
  • stable highlighted state for "above-cells" elements being focused or edited
  • correct splitting of spanned cells while freezing a row or column
  • "cancel" button in each dialog window
  • regression with frozen rows and columns (including hidden)
  • reference error when shifting ranges in formulas
  • regression with highlights for index column
  • regression with cell comments
  • concatenation with & operand
  • handle selection and focus in chart editor
  • avoid concatenation for cells with no value
  • display ERROR for math references to non-existent cells
  • hidden and frozen rows behave inconsistently with multiple tabs
  • correct external ui table styling
  • common styling for all configuration windows
  • liveEditor: correct cursor restore after cell selection
  • ability to get external ui config
  • reset hidden columns for each tab
  • include spans when checking table rowCount and columnCount
  • chart wizard styles: alignment and margins
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