Version 5.3

released on April 24, 2018


  • SpreadSheet is filtered during data loading according to values in filter cells
  • selective Clear functionality (separate options to clear values, styles, conditional formats, dropdowns, filters, all)
  • possibility to pick any cell to insert its reference into the conditional format dialog
  • the "<>" conditional mode is renamed to "between"
  • the "not equal" conditional mode is added for conditional cells formatting
  • Ctrl+A and BackSpace hotkeys are added
  • the last selected border color is saved in the color picker


  • the sheets pager cannot autosize with no sheets initially
  • multiple custom editors work in the same column
  • hidden rows are excluded from sorting
  • a filter set without options gets all values of the column till the 1st empty cell
  • Ctrl+Z for operations on multiple cells
  • bottombar rendering
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