Version 6.2

released on February 21, 2019



  • Server samples with NodeJS
  • SVG icons for toolbar instead of PNG
  • Resize (instead of deleting) spans depending on the frozen columns/rows


  • Complex math is broken
  • Comments show when hovering over a cell that is locked
  • Show comments in the readonly mode
  • Export to Excel: correct row and column indexes for styles, xCorrection for every sheet
  • Incorrect data saving calls on sheet switching
  • Selection by header: hidden rows/cols in selection borders
  • liveEditor suggest and custom methods
  • Wrong column name styling
  • Long sheet title hides menu icon
  • Freeze column: correct position (in case of hidden headers)
  • Serialization: correct number of frozen columns
  • Correct header row height in flat based skins
  • Loading Excel in Spreadsheet without a bottombar
  • Sheet list: reduced sheet title max width, sheet name correct position
  • Hide gridlines: save borders on rows header
  • Toolbar: correct position of the group title
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