Version 5.4

released on June 26, 2018



  • sorting of conditional formats
  • caching of formulas
  • update multi-sheet formulas on sheet rename
  • extra hotkeys for macOS
  • dynamically increase rows and columns according to pasted data size
  • copy/cut of filters, editors and conditionals formats
  • copy/cut/paste and merged cells
  • math with "$" prefix is not affected by data shifts


  • filtering in SpreadSheet
  • copy/paste of math
  • clear styles and wrapped text
  • the default border color
  • custom format doesn't have valid toolbar state
  • limits on trigger count
  • cell references and the "between" mode
  • SpreadSheet math
  • change span size during column/row resizing
  • several spreadsheets on page - sheets are removed incorrectly
  • filter and cell selection
  • CSS of the lock icon with filter
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