Version 7.2.x

This page contains the logs of Spreadsheet minor releases between 7.2 and 7.3.

Version 7.2.7

PRO edition, released on April 16, 2020


  • adjusting width of index column

Version 7.2.6

PRO edition, released on April 09, 2020


  • minColumnWidth increased
  • column auto-adjusting issues

Version 7.2.5

PRO edition, released on April 02, 2020


  • lock icon is misaligned
  • header selection with hidden columns
  • headers are highlighted during DnD selection

Version 7.2.4

PRO edition, released on March 26, 2020


  • local styles interfere with outside Datatable and Button components
  • correct line-height for small cells
  • cell line-height becomes middle to match default Datatable cell style
  • column autosize with wrapped cells
  • cell filter expands hidden rows
  • string dates are parsed initially
  • date-like value with text format is parsed when setting common format

Version 7.2.3

PRO edition, released on March 19, 2020


  • date with text format
  • incorrect month identifying within date formats
  • date format fails in case of "excel_date" editor during parsing
  • undo for date formulas
  • undo for Excel filer
  • correct copy-paste operations with filter
  • Excel filter and spans

Version 7.2.2

PRO edition, released on March 12, 2020


  • export of formulas to Excel
  • export bold/italic/underline styles
  • caching multi-sheet math formulas

Version 7.2.1

PRO edition, released on March 05, 2020


  • remove all related views on destruction
  • the correct CSS for styles with font weight
  • the correct sheet name max width in the bottom bar
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