Version 10.1

released on May 25, 2023

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

  • SpreadSheet:specifying an empty option in the SpreadSheet cell editor

You should explicitly specify whether to add an empty option to the cell editor using the empty property.

  • Pivot:switching the axis lines on/off in Pivot Chart mode

Starting from the 10.1 version, you should use chart.xAxis.lines and chart.yAxis.lines to switch the axis lines on and off. chart.lines property will work only for Radar charts.

Also, from now on, you should use chart.labels instead of chart.pieInnerText.

New Features

  • Chat: group calls
  • Chat: alternative mode of message rendering
  • Document Manager: improved logic of context menu customization
  • File Manager: improved logic of context menu customization
  • Pivot: configurable legend, markers and scales configuration for pivot chart
  • Pivot: ability to build scatter chart from pivot results
  • Scheduler: year view
  • Scheduler: yearly recurring events
  • Scheduler: separate styling for past events
  • SpreadSheet: page zoom
  • SpreadSheet: auto-fill cells by drag-handle
  • SpreadSheet: load empty cells with styles
  • SpreadSheet: ability to remove "empty" option from dropdown editors
  • SpreadSheet: add scatter chart as one of supported charts
  • SpreadSheet: extra printing sizes ( A1, A5, etc. )
  • SpreadSheet: sheet tab can have auto-width
  • ToDo: ability to define task priority
  • ToDo: ability to sort tasks
  • ToDo: drag-n-drop functionality
  • ToDo: improved UX


  • TypeScript definitions updated
  • Webix Jet can be used with Vite based toolchain


  • Diagram: parse api doesn't work without optional fields
  • Gantt: data format is not compatible with other widgets
  • Kanban: file size is not displayed correctly (0 b) if size less than 15 Kb
  • Report Manager: chart and heatmap reports can ignore group configuration
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