Version 6.4

released on June 27, 2019

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New Features



  • incorrect borders for the Window header
  • incorrect styling of buttons in specific cases
  • missed focus in the Comments widget after mentioning a user
  • double rendering items in Tree when using dynamic sync loading
  • incorrect size of the overlay on top of the Chart
  • incorrect resize behavior for Windows
  • incorrect position of the last line editor when a prerendering mode is enabled for Datatable
  • export Chart to PDF doesn't work in IE
  • incorrect rendering of an empty Pager
  • incorrect behavior in responsive Layout in some cases
  • onValueSuggest doesn't occur on item checking in the Multicombo widget
  • regression in export for Datatable with the multiselect filter
  • regression in using the addView method of MultiView
  • horizontal auto-scroll in data components during drag-n-drop
  • unexpected click events in a disabled view with a progress bar
  • email validation allows some incorrect email patterns
  • Rangeslider doesn't work if min and max set to maximum value
  • when editing a visible row, scroll sometimes shifts a bit
  • custom scroll can break after resizing a window widget
  • dateformat in the strict mode breaks on empty and string values
  • autowidth calculation of Button ignores minWidth and maxWidth values
  • unbind doesn't work during the component replacement
  • destroying component while it is a part of animation may result in an error
  • adjusting columns in Datatable may provide a slightly bigger size than it's necessary
  • the Slider handle can stick to mouse after the right click
  • disabling scroll for already created Datatable doesn't work in some cases
  • using moveUp on the topmost item in the List, result in moving the item to the last position
  • drag-n-drop of the Colorboard item can result in the JS error
  • regression in the styling of the PDFViewer's toolbar
  • using importData for importing data from other components results in a complex side effect
  • incorrect styling of the widgets after adding them to Multiview through addView
  • the styling of the "More comments" button in the Comments widget
  • export text with bold styling
  • a regression in the keepViews behavior in MultiView/TabView
  • the user can move focus behind modal/disabled layers
  • the ability to make BulletGraph responsive
  • Richtext fonts
  • z-index for a disabled view
  • donut chart inner radius goes negative after resize
  • label auto-width
  • dragging item position in the order mode
  • removed # from the sorting property defined within an object
  • Datatable: don't repaint after marking an item
  • Tooltip positionY
  • menu-x style of the selected item
  • block the ability to type text when readonly is set to true
  • group async data
  • DateRange header style
  • minuteStep must be between 5 and 60, minuteStep accepts even numbers
  • Gage: resizing by height, positioning in the middle of the view
  • calendarWeekHeader incorrect behavior
  • minimal column width
  • rename Datatable minColumnHeight to minRowHeight
  • always store math after recompiling
  • refresh the select area after column resizing
  • Calendar with navigation false: pointer cursor on the header hover
  • handle promise after .finally
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