Version 5.4

released on June 26, 2018

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Webix Tools

New Features



  • active custom scroll for disabled views
  • item autowidth for Dataview
  • X-List cannot be scrolled in touch environment
  • DateRange in isolated layout
  • FlexLayout inside of hidden container
  • using addView() with already initialized widgets
  • leading zero for formatted milliseconds
  • regression in Bullet Graph initial value
  • hide menu scroll if data doesn't exceed yCount
  • skip wrapping in quotes for single cell selection in DataTable
  • scroll behavior in some corner cases
  • reflect line-height and white-space for printed Datatable
  • Button autowidth with undefined value/label
  • DataProcessor can proceed to process error result
  • correct position of hidden column in DataTable after column moving
  • unnecesary esModern check for webix.copy
  • Datatable position within Abslayout
  • correct start and end dates while setting Daterangepicker value
  • math updates on item remove in Datatable
  • webix.copy doesn't work in case of polyfill usage
  • don't paint Richtext value for not rendered input
  • refresh Datatable columns after resizing
  • Bullet scale is misplaced with an empty label
  • hover CSS for the search icon in the Compact skin
  • clear clipbuffer before paste
  • allow key navigation for Richselect editor
  • remove header when sending formdata
  • showBatch() should not affect hidden cells not included into any batch
  • prevent client-side filtering for Combo datafeed
  • tabindex -1 for the 1st selected item
  • improved clipboard logic
  • destroy submenus together with the main Menu
  • regression in Checksuggest icon
  • detect Resizer cells if some are hidden
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