Version 1.8

Responsive Layouts and Tabbar

  • Layout view can be hidden or moved if there's not enough space for them on the screen. Check details.
  • Tabbar tabs can be moved to a related popup if there are not enough space for them on the screen. Check details.

Disabling dates in Calendar

Calendar dates can be disabled to prevent their selection. Check details.

Breaking changes

  • webix.proxy.$callback was replaced with webix.ajax.$callback
  • adjustHeaders deprecated

Full list of changes and fixes

New functionality

  • limited width for tabs and popup with additional tabs
  • onClick handler accepts names from $scope
  • server side filtering and sorting for datatable
  • template@type = clean
  • template@onClick handler
  • predefined webixbutton css class
  • getChildViews(), getBody() methods to scrollview
  • "local" proxy for working with localstore
  • hide/show of top level views
  • tooltip option for inputs

Updated functionality

  • popup in tabbar refactoring
  • adjust property accepts "data" and "header" values, adjustHeaders deprecated
  • show and hide refactoring
  • min/max date refactoring
  • direction top and bottom for animation in multiview
  • attributes, placeholder and readonly works for all inputs
  • datastore importData can work with primitive sources
  • data@save = true, works the same as @save = @url
  • cssFormat receives 4th parameter - column id


  • regression with popup rendering
  • tabview operations in hidden state
  • _refresh_scroll for boolean "scroll" config; padding for popup
  • hiding popup on resize; better popup style
  • popupTemplate customization, size calculation
  • scroll for contextmenu or submenu
  • closing of nested popups
  • position of centered window in case of full page scroll
  • sizing of horizontal accordion
  • clipboard operations on Mac OS
  • scrolling in datatable on Mac OS
  • clipboard operations and dynamic grid
  • pager initialized after master component doesn't work correctly
  • datatable blocks global page scrolling
  • regression in dataprocessor url handling
  • drag column over split area
  • can be any positive value to mark branch open
  • webix.require doesn't trigger callback for already loaded files
  • regression in suggest for plain text fields
  • collections and options for editors
  • double-rendering in case of fillspaces
  • collections and options in datatable
  • webix.extend and webix.EditAbility
  • math operations with complex keys
  • webixEvent doesn't allow to block event
  • using Webix with RequireJS
  • initial toggle state must be defined by "value"
  • updateItem overwrite target instead of updating
  • processing proxy callback
  • tab id can't contain a single quote
  • IE8 and list autosizing
  • empty cell in math formulas
  • column.minWidth has lesser priority than grid.minColumnWidth
  • calendar doesn't reset zoom level on hide
  • touch scroll for datatable
  • onChange event for counter view
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