Version 6.0

released on October 16, 2018

See also What's New of SpreadSheet.

Breaking Changes

  • The source code files are renamed: webix.js to webix.min.js and webix_debug.js to webix.js (which includes debugging options).
  • The default skin is changed to new Material. The Webix package now includes 5 skins: Material (default), Mini (a compact version of Material), Flat, Compact (a compact version of Flat), and Contrast.
  • Font Awesome icons are no longer used by default. The library gets its own sets of icons used depending on the applied skin. The number of icons included in the package is limited, but you can use custom icons from any font icon packs.
  • Changes in the usage of Webix globals.
  • Changes in the debugging process.
  • Integration with third-party components.
  • Changes in applying custom locale to Pager.

Check details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features



  • the adjust property of a column in Datatable doesn't set enough space for the sort marker
  • the rawValues mode in export to Excel will not affect export and flatTree templates
  • data saving through cache or local proxy doesn't work
  • HTML markup can't be used for data in config
  • can't define autowidth through UI defaults
  • autoheight for clean template
  • DataView with custom type fails on autoheight
  • hidden Uploader input is visible outside form
  • PageUp/PageDown keys should move selection according to the pager size
  • Combo & RichSelect can load a data collection directly
  • GraphQL should be GPL
  • no border for AccordionItem body
  • null and undefined as values for Textarea in IE
  • missed $scope on subviews in DataTable
  • apply zoom while calculating custom scroll containers for DataTable
  • data saving in the offline mode
  • browser selection is not canceled on blockselect() in IE
  • areaselect should be expanded on Shift
  • yCount and Menu widget
  • prevent multiple area selection on Ctrl+drag
  • track failures with export functions
  • styling and behavior of the FormInput control
  • tab handling in the HTMLForm view
  • don't focus inputs in disabled views
  • regression in scrolling and resize in the Datatable
  • y-scroll for data container
  • adding item to Tree/TreeGrid with dynamic kids
  • regression in Multicombo suggestion
  • –°ombo editor doesn't find suggested value on apply
  • Multicombo unfilters list while input size grows
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