Version 7.3.x

This page contains the logs of minor releases between 7.3 and 7.4.

Version 7.3.4

PRO edition, released on May 28, 2020


  • header height for multiple Datatable columns
  • header autoheight is calculated incorrectly
  • right mouse clicks inside a Popup cause its hiding

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • autocomplete in live editor duplicates function names
  • pressing Enter after operand in live editor updates cell formula

File Manager Updates

  • ability to hide player and editor by configuration settings
  • Ctrl+F hotkey to focus in the search input
  • Ctrl+A hotkey to select all items in the directory
  • deleting confirmation window shows the names of items to be deleted

File Manager Fixes

  • data does not update after changing items in search view
  • top position of Folders popup does not depend on skin
  • inability to return to search view from file editor

Document Manager Fixes

  • ability to restore file to any folder
  • do not allow dropping files on group folders
  • issues with DnD in Trash view
  • Ctrl+V in Trash view should restore items

Version 7.3.3

PRO edition, released on May 22, 2020


  • non-unique data IDs during grouping
  • incorrect paddings during adding/removing of hidden views

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • math performance during recalculating
  • update references in formulas when deleting edge cells in the range
  • update absolute references in formulas when adding/deleting columns

Document Manager Updates

  • ability to open file location from the search view

File Manager Updates

  • upload folder sample
  • ability to open file location from the search view

Version 7.3.2

PRO edition, released on May 15, 2020


  • keep edited data during Excelviewer export
  • keyboard pops up when selecting item with clipboard set
  • remove legacy srcElement prop
  • date parsing for special characters
  • ExcelViewer export to Excel: correct sheet names
  • regression with exporting Charts to PDF in image mode
  • export of Excelviewer tabs with styles
  • adjust Datatable cell editor to spanned cells

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • adjust rows and columns with spanned cells
  • value in formulas for edited empty cells
  • clear live editor on importing Excel files
  • formula autocompletion in live editor
  • correct sheet names while exporting to Excel
  • remove external UI dialog when view is removed

Version 7.3.1

PRO edition, released on April 30, 2020


  • incorrect scheme extending for Comments widget

Document Manager Fixes

  • showing search results panel

Query Fixes

  • deleting item while adding a new one
  • avoid single-item groups

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • sample with Russian locale
  • embedded charts and images cannot move
  • backward compatibility for =LINK formula in data
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