Version 5.1

released on November 23, 2017

See also What's New of complex widgets:

New Features



  • column format is applied to null and undefined values in DataTable
  • width for Pager buttons
  • colspans and paging in DataTable
  • moving item in Tree with index = -1
  • Portlet behavior in document with global scroll
  • scrolling artefacts on touch devices
  • autoConfig and hidden columns in DataTable
  • missing fonts are referenced in compact.css
  • button $compareValue fix for view 'text' with value 0 to empty string
  • unnecessary onItemClick for mouse gestures in DataTable
  • column widths for Datatable/ExceViewer during Excel import
  • separate canvas id and aria label (title)
  • invalid CSS for Dataview and Tree items
  • destroy files collection when Uploader is destructed
  • Search control fires event only for the "search" icon
  • DblList context for freeze
  • ignore $-properties during export
  • sizing of nested lists in the Organogram
  • call to undefined setValue/getValue in Forminput
  • each iterator for dynamically loaded data
  • extra check for dynamic loading for adjustRowHeight in DataTable
  • reset scroll position of DataTable body on clearAll
  • DataTable export to Excel with styles for some skins
  • clipboard:true for DataTable blocks pasting
  • don't handle clipboard actions in Suggest
  • grouping criterion for Chart when set as function
  • TreeTable cannot be exported with styles
  • onLegendClick event provides id parameter for legend in Pie Chart (and other 1-series chart types)
  • separating update and subloading modes in DataStore
  • parsing quoted data from CSV
  • identifying cell type during export to Excel
  • changeId with the same old and new id deletes the item from pull in DataStore
  • extra check for correct sheet names for export to Excel
  • eachOpen and eachChild for dynamically loaded set in TreeStore
  • clear marks when data are removed from master collection
  • keep header $colspan when columns are refreshed in DataTable
  • check for null value when showing MultiSuggest
  • Organogram sizing with nested lists
  • webix.ui.resize and dynamic content in a ScrollView
  • Chart scale lint
  • extra check for IE8 in keyboard navigation
  • MultiSuggest doesn't show selected values
  • Uploader regression in IE10+, files can't be dropped
  • ability to clear Combobox
  • summColumn for dynamically loaded DataTable
  • nested lists in the Organogram
  • RangeChart frame position on resizing, right handle position with wide items
  • draw all bars while making "start value" bars invisible in Bar Chart
  • avoid center position for a Popup within a fixed Window
  • context widget destruction in IE8
  • getChildViews for ui.align
  • IE8 compatibility
  • toPNG fails in Chrome on large images
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