Version 10.2.x

This page contains the logs of minor releases between 10.2 and 11.

Version 10.2.5

PRO edition, released on May 7, 2024


  • priceTemplate option for webix.Number.format


  • correct tooltip for overlapping series in the chart
  • correct rendering of richtext with an unset value
  • unnecessary duplicate request for a datatable with a proxy

Chat Fixes

  • error in case of chat selection before the widget is fully initialized

SpreadSheet Fixes

  • incorrect clipboard operation after changing selection with hotkeys
  • incorrect autowidth of a tab in the readonly mode
  • regression in number formatting (v10.2.6)

Version 10.2.4

PRO edition, released on February 5, 2024


  • autoheight for rows with "row" and "col" spans
  • bottom label is rendered outside of the visible area of the textarea view
  • option selection for non-click events on radio inputs
  • format property for select editor without collection
  • overlapping points display wrong tooltips with hidden series
  • multicombo value is not repainted after parsing new options

DocManager Fixes

  • outdated dependencies

FileManager Fixes

  • file name in editor is not displayed on the tab

Pivot Fixes

  • removing all values from the config panel crashes the pivot

Scheduler Fixes

  • dragging to another section may change start and end dates of the dragged event

SpreadSheet Fixes

  • dbl-clicking of row can result in lost value
  • math formular suggest always include all the named ranges
  • onChange event triggered by lockcell may contain an incorrect sheet id

Version 10.2.2

PRO edition, released on November 24, 2023


  • long tab title overflow in the tabbar widget
  • regressions in rangechart selection
  • returning false in onBeforeBlockSelect doesn't cancel the blockselect part of the selection
  • blocking the first month day with block selecting this month in the calendar widget
  • changing the screen orientation doesn't properly resize the UI on iOS

SpreadSheet Updates

  • sheet name is provided for all data saving actions

SpreadSheet Fixes

  • lock cells operations creates multiple undo steps
  • pasting data into the spreadsheet doesn't trigger saving action
  • pasting data can be put in read-only cells in some cases
  • api operation can affect incorrect cell when called against a cell on non-active sheet

Gantt Fixes

  • incorrect behavior of sidebar resizer on small screens

Scheduler Fixes

  • creating event with d-n-d fails for widget without calendars

Version 10.2.1

PRO edition, released on October 30, 2023


  • Typescript definitions improved
  • regressions in datatable print functionality
  • incorrect tooltips for charts with hidden series

Desktop Fixes

  • child windows are not hidden after hiding the master component

Diagram Fixes

  • incorrect rendering of lines in FireFox

Pivot Fixes

  • incorrect rendering of total section in footer in some cases
  • footer cells don't use format configuration

Chat Fixes

  • escaping special characters can mark message as edited

SpreadSheet Fixes

  • regression in Paste operation
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