Version 7.0

released on September 24, 2019

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

  • Starting from Webix 7.0 we support only IE11+ versions

Deprecated API

We removed some outdated and rarely used API from the library:

  • Initialization from XML and HTML
  • Rarely used proxies (offline, local, cache, connector, indexbd, faye)
  • ActiveContent
  • Flash Upload driver
  • Tabbar History Tracking
  • Some button types (form, danger, htmlbutton)
  • Some helpers (webix.PowerArray, webix.jsonp, webix.ui.each, webix.ui.hasMethod)

Check the related article for more details.
Note that the old solutions will still be available on GitHub.

Webix Tools

New Features



  • the incorrect custom scroll sizing after view visibility change
  • moving items in Tree doesn’t work correctly in some cases
  • filtering column in DataTable with optionslist enabled incorrectly preserves the empty rows
  • incorrect visualization of item drag in the dashboard with small cells
  • editor can’t be disabled for custom types in the property view
  • glitch in hover over DataTable in the Edge browser
  • drag-n-drop and tooltip related memory leaks
  • form with complexData handling of non-standard objects
  • the incorrect chart.config after setting series through chart.define
  • the server-side filtering fails on non-JSON data
  • the broken hover effect for DataTable in IE/Edge
  • Excel, PDF, etc. file import fails in the latest Chrome
  • DataTable sets the incorrect x-scroll position on touch devices
  • the combo editor incorrectly sets the value for an empty option in some cases
  • small values are not rendered in the bar chart without the y-scale
  • the Y axis in the chart does not render for a single data item with value 0
  • the Y axis in the chart disappears from the chart, if 'start' and 'end' are 0
  • minDate in Calendar prevents selection of a valid date in some cases
  • Submenu doesn't hide on hover out in some cases
  • export to png/pdf doesn't work for content with iframes
  • hover over datatable's rows in IE/Edge
  • styling of dbl-list in the Contrast skin
  • layout's resizer behaves incorrectly in some cases
  • the regression in the setValue API for Tabbar and Segmented button
  • the incorrect overflow styling for right labels in the Form controls
  • the non-perfect styling of the Checkbox editor in DataTable
  • block selection is not rendered in the top-split area of Datatable
  • a multi-level menu doesn't work on touch devices
  • an empty suggest box may throw a JS error on keyboard navigation
  • the Toggle view doesn't render HTML content correctly
  • a badge is not rendered for a zero value
  • a performance problem for keyboard navigation in Datatable
  • an incorrect header element in Calendar for the week sub scale
  • the non-optimal behavior of Colorpicker in the editable mode
  • a regression in handling of minDate in Calendar
  • the incorrect scale in Chart for very small values
  • applying skin-related sizes at runtime
  • calendar size calculation
  • suggest for editable DIV elements
  • onEnter event fires stably
  • open submenus defined as a data in menu with openAction:"click"
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