Version 7.1

released on December 3, 2019

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

Mentioned users data in Comments

The loaded or parsed comments data in the Comments widget must be @"Some Name" format. In newly added comments you do not have to add "" symbols because they are added on their own.

Check details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features


  • Scroll and drag improvements on touch devices


  • the incorrect touch detection on the latest iOs
  • the incorrect input focusing on Android
  • set fullscreen for absolutely positioned elements
  • Sidebar selection
  • RangeChart regression in DnD handlers for pointers
  • Comments resizes its textarea too many times
  • dynamic x\yCount
  • check modality and correct window's zIndex
  • the incorrect rendering Radar Chart with a single data segment
  • hover functionality incorrectly locates owner DataTable in some cases
  • "clear" button in IE doesn't trigger Webix events
  • the incorrect order of elements after drag-n-drop in Tree
  • regression in the server-side filtering in the Combo widget
  • regression in using object as parameter for setValue API of the Combo
  • the incorrect export of the Timeline widget to .png
  • styling of the disabled elements for different inputs and skins
  • view:"align" breaks on the content replacement
  • rendering of input with very small label width
  • the incorrect scroll state restoring after hiding the DataTable
  • the incorrect animation when multiple tabs added at once
  • popup does not close after clicking on a menu item with sub-items
  • better position and behaviors for popup editors in the DataTable
  • better memory cleaning on component destruction
  • multicombo doesn't accept numeric values
  • incorrect popup position within window
  • Datalayout can't be used within Form
  • button text position in Firefox
  • checkbox rendering in flat and contrast skins
  • tree item not properly selected anymore after applying and removing a filter
  • reconstruct doesn't work with Gridlayout
  • position of datatable scroll is not adjusted to filtering on Android
  • incorrect placeholder (with the apostrophe) in inputs
  • multicombo: apostrophe in id prevents item to get deselected
  • multicombo: wrong tag offset in material skin
  • datatable: no way to set CSS to the header cell with the filter
  • incorrect rendering of labels with very small widths
  • data sorting ignores missing values for int column type
  • grouplist: incorrectly renders elements added by .add api
  • webix_noselect class is not removed after drag-n-drop in Safari
  • datatable: scroll on touch in both directions resets vertical scroll
  • regression in combo icon rendering
  • regression in tabbar closing through close icon
  • regression in enter key handling in multicombo/multiselect
  • scrollTo in the Scrollview breaks scrolling on IOS
  • richtext: border is broken on Material/Mini/Contrast skins
  • closing an active tab in the Tabbar results in error
  • rendering issues with center and right alignment of the Combo
  • regression in the horizontal scroll of the Tree
  • the incorrect width of the MultiCombo in some cases
  • regression in the drag files on the Uploader button
  • the incorrect processing of the text drop on the Uploader area
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