Version 9.4

released on July 7, 2022

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

  • Spreadsheet: better settings for printing (choice of sheets)

Choosing a sheet to print has become easier. We have added the ability to print not only the current sheet, but any other from the dropdown list as well. See Printing Interface for details.

New Features

  • Pie and Donut charts: series and multiple levels
  • Donut chart: 3D type
  • Gage: ability to format displayed values
  • Datatable printing: headers and frozen rows are repeated on each page
  • Diagram: curved links
  • Diagram: labels for links
  • SpreadSheet: ability to change data on non-active sheets via API


  • Pie charts: inner text is set to color that is contrasting against the background
  • Pivot: support of pie and donut charts
  • Spreadsheet: full pie and donut chart support
  • Spreadsheet: the ability to add shapes via UI
  • Spreadsheet: Excel data import with number formatting


  • Gage: large numbers are displayed incorrectly
  • incorrect sizing of layouts with all hidden cells
  • destroying components with bottomLabel set to them causes an error
  • special characters are not handled correctly in parameters of AJAX calls
  • incorrect printing of datatable header with rowspan > 1
  • textarea with typed text is not correctly resized when pushing PgUp key (Chrome)
  • onSelectChange event is not called after item is removed
  • Scheduler: refactored timeline code to make it easier to customize
  • Pivot: errors in filter
  • Pivot: field names can include numbers
  • Query: incorrect sizing of toolbar when scroll is enabled
  • Spreadsheet: adding row ruins math
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