Version 3.1

released on November 24, 2015

New Features



  • nested isolated scopes
  • refreshColumn correctly removes filters
  • clipboard: clicks on selected item/cell
  • subrow opening in TreeTable
  • MultiCombo and bottomPadding
  • numberFilter to accept 0 and fractional numbers
  • remove sub items with parent in tree
  • accordion doesn't resize the header panel
  • progressBar in window
  • disabled Resizer
  • json format in php files
  • scrolling DataTable with span(s) on touch devices
  • Fieldset vertical padding
  • handling mouseup outside browser window
  • pager update on data count change
  • focus() method for checkbox and radio
  • Carousel navigation z-index
  • regression in windows focus handling
  • regression in form focus handling
  • data corrupting by counter in the footer
  • size of editors in case of sub-forms, sub-rows
  • sub-rows and precise scroll
  • double-rendering from onchange handler in Chrome
  • handling mouseup outside browser window
  • DataProcessor in updateFromResponse mode doesn't trigger update events
  • checkbox doesn't trigger onDataUpdate event
  • JSON date parser doesn't recognize dates without milliseconds
  • IE8 compatibility for uploader
  • size of fillspace columns for very small grids
  • Fieldset vertical padding
  • export to Excel and Webix Jet (RequireJS)
  • progressBar in window
  • disabled Resizer
  • date-time shifting in export to Excel
  • webix.copy correctly processes Date objects
  • parsing boolean values from HTML markup
  • blockDates in Calendar
  • totalColumn in Pivot Table
  • custom columns in Excel export
  • format property in DatePicker can accept a function
  • hiding columns in a DataTable, those were added dynamically
  • export to Excel, dates processing
  • FireFox: customCheckbox and customRadio
  • regression in DataTable click processing
  • regression in form.setValues API
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