Version 2.2

released on January 23, 2015

Breaking changes

  • width and height settings for all data components include size of scrollbar (so component will always take exactly the same size as was defined by width and height properties)
  • ajax.header was deprecated in favor of ajax.headers

If you are updating from Webix 1.x - please check the Migration guide.

New features


  • addView for TabView doesn't support extended tab configuration
  • assigning the same CSS class during layout reconstruction
  • calendar is incompatible with Bootstrap
  • calendar: cellHeight support
  • changing value in combo after focus out
  • click event handling in IE8
  • CSS for collapsed accordion items in compact and flat skins
  • custom and touch scroll in Tree
  • custom id in scheme.$init for Tree and TreeTable
  • datePickerFilter can't be combined with other filters
  • double call for dynamic loading in the Tree
  • dynamic loading in filtered state for Tree and TreeTable
  • export to Excel and null values in the DataTable
  • header menu and column hiding
  • header sorting for clicks in rich-filters in the header
  • headermenu for grid with auto-config and remote data loading
  • hotkeys in IE8
  • IE8 fixes and pair event handling (context menu)
  • IE8 sorting fix (map method)
  • IE8 XML parsing
  • incorrect filter value preservation during DataTable repainting
  • incorrect id in the onDataRequest event
  • incorrect menu sizing
  • incorrect scroll state for the hidden datatable
  • incorrect scroll state processing for grid with non-aligned rows
  • incorrect size setting from datatable.setState
  • incorrect state of headermenu after menu reloading
  • invalid handling of 0 as the option value
  • invalid result of hasEvent call after detaching event
  • iOS fix for full-screen mode; uploader fix (status processing)
  • minutes containers and browser zooming in calendar
  • multiselect and idSpace fix
  • non-numeric arguments in math formulas in the datatable
  • popup closing delay
  • popup doesn't adjust after inner content resize
  • preserving value of multi-select filter after DataTable refresh
  • regression in addView for accordion
  • regression in block selection in DataTable
  • regression in context handlers
  • regression in input disabling from config
  • regression in isolate tabbar handling
  • repainting after removing item in the Tree
  • replacing hidden cell in multiview
  • richSelectFilter and getFilter API
  • scroll state in DataTable after hide/show operations
  • selection in dataview with dynamic loading
  • setState in DataTable will ignore columns with non-unique ids
  • sorting ignores state set by the markSorting API
  • special chars handling by select filter
  • spinner progress position
  • styling of sparse datatable
  • template breaks on "->" chars
  • text vertical align for inputs inside toolbar
  • uncheck for checkboxes in indeterminate state
  • uncheck of initially enabled radio button
  • unnecessary error message in case of AJAX call canceling
  • unwanted onclick reaction on buttons in IE
  • uploader active area for Mac OS
  • x-scroll in auto-sized lists
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