Version 8.0

released on October 8, 2020

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

Header rendering in Webix DataTable

Starting from Webix 8.0 Datatable header does not include an HTML table for performance reasons. Moreover, it fixes the bug with a gap between table and header while zooming in Chrome. Hence, styling header cells and creating custom header content elements alters a bit.

New Default Palette for Colorboard

Default palette used in Colorboard has been updated so now it has a refreshed material look and new colors to work with.

Check the details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features



  • Datatable: gap between table and header while zooming in Chrome
  • Datatable: correct records rendering after topSplit removing
  • class names for Unitlist items
  • dnd: clean DOM after drag
  • keyboard navigation for inputs with pattern
  • regression in export to PDF with styles and document header
  • handling undefined values in the Filter widget
  • Datatable: sort marker position with excelFilter
  • Datatable: rendering date filters in IE11
  • Chart origin without specified xAxis
  • Window headHeight regression
  • correct CustomScroll resize inside another scrollable view
  • text synchronization in TextHighlight
  • set focus to widgets before onItemClick is called
  • regression in removing Multitext inputs
  • memory leaks: mapped events and parent view reference
  • keep focus in the active Form element when Form is focused
  • sort marker disappears after Datatable is repainted
  • correct background for Window head in the Contrast skin
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