Version 10.1.x

This page contains the logs of minor releases between 10.1 and 10.2.

Version 10.1.5

PRO edition, released on August 25, 2023


  • navigation in richselect
  • blinking button on hybrid devices
  • broken styles during loading data from XLS

Chat Fixes

  • issues with initiating new call through custom UI

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • image preview during edit operations

Version 10.1.4

PRO edition, released on July 21, 2023

Pivot Updates

  • new example of using pivot with custom configuration UI

File Manager Fixes

  • right-click on the table header causes an error

Diagram New Features

  • zooming on mouse wheel: added the ability to change the zoom level using the mouse wheel
  • scrolling on mousemove: implemented the feature to drag the diagram zone for scrolling

Diagram Fixes

  • zoom and redo: resolved an issue where zooming in or out and then clicking undo/redo would reset the zoom level to 0

Diagram Updates

  • parse method now has only two mandatory parameters - data and links

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • resolved an issue where the styles were disappearing when printing a single sheet.
  • fixed an error that occurred when adding a new sheet and attempting to print all sheets
  • copy-pasting negative numbers now retains the "-" sign for pasting to external program

Kanban Fixes

  • an issue where setting comments to "readonly" caused an error when closing the comments with certain configurations

Chat Fixes

  • incorrect repainting in single-chat mode

Version 10.1.3

PRO edition, released on July 13, 2023


  • Combo input loses focus when the suggest is shown
  • Calendar navigation doesn't trigger onBeforeDateSelect/onAfterDateSelect
  • Multicombo no longer fails to remove values that are not present in the data
  • Multicombo with newValues:true no longer exhibits unexpected behavior when typing and selecting values

Version 10.1.2

PRO edition, released on June 15, 2023

Gantt Fixes

  • small units with small scale cell width make the task "step" round down to 0

Diagram Fixes

  • parse method now has only two mandatory parameters - data and links

Version 10.1.1

PRO edition, released on June 9, 2023


  • better TypeScript definitions (datepicker, window)
  • better UX of the suggest widget in response to keyboard commands
  • improved accessibility of buttons with dropdown menus


  • regression in input repainting after data reload
  • regression in intFormat for negative numbers

Scheduler Fixes

  • copy event operation corrupts start time value

Spreadsheet Updates

  • add sheet api accepts name and visibility parameters
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