Version 1.0.1

New functionality

  • layouts are correctly shown when they are zoomed by a browser
  • selectFilter can show data from the attached collections
  • better strategy for x-layout rendering
  • API calls against hidden items in menu
  • init from html|xml markup improved
  • dataprocessor can have different URLs for different action
  • value attribute for tabview
  • getTopParentView method added for all views
  • getPopup method added to the datepicker
  • setHTML method added to the label
  • setValue and getValue methods added to the multiview


  • invalid size and focus of popup editors
  • toggle button ignores inputWidth settings
  • regression in treetable checkbox behavior
  • regression in datatable markup parsing
  • conflict between data and content properties of template
  • row markers are not removed during clearAll
  • multiview with no animation
  • chart rendering in multiview (no animation case)
  • label position in pie chart
  • validation and htmlform control
  • incorrect column autosizing in case of hidden container
  • native selection during cell resize
  • hideItem throws an error for menu's item which was already hidden
  • incorrect handling of custom popups in editors
  • sizing of scrollview was broken
  • window ignores y parameter of show command
  • drag-n-drop in tree as child
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