Version 9.1

released on November 12, 2021

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Change

  • the onEditorChange event is called on the "input" event instead of the "onchange" event of the input

New Features


  • filtering in selection controls with dataFeed lagged with fast typing and returned results for earliest request
  • onEditorChange doesn't work on tab in FF
  • onEditorChange doesn't fire in FF/Safari/IE/Edge
  • Datatable: optimized the calculation of area with spans
  • Grouplist: keyboard navigation did not work for opening groups and returning to higher level
  • incorrect backspace handling for text patterns on android devices with GBoard
  • Suggest: arrow navigation selects disabled options
  • Datatable: hover style is not applied to initially hidden rows with prerender:true
  • Multicombo: custom input height cannot be set
  • Popup: master view is not set on initialization
  • Calendar: navigation and improved support for screen readers
  • Text: format is not applied if there are no changes
  • Portlet: suggests of select widgets inside portlet are not hidden after portlet drop
  • Prompt: input does not receive focus when shown
  • Datepicker: seconds and milliseconds are reset after editing
  • correct clipboard in case of destructed view
  • locales: always inherit missing properties from en-US
  • Text: saving value and cursor position after validation on value change and on form submit (Firefox)
  • Text: pattern is not applied to text pasted into text with Ctrl+V
  • Datatable: correct row ID of a cell for which an editor was opened with the TAB key
  • Daterange: error for focused filter
  • Calendar: unwanted selection
  • Tree: selection style is incorrect for trees with x-scroll
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