Version 4.1

released on November 23, 2016

New Features


  • Datatable minColumnWidth setting is used in column autosizing
  • null parameter for DataTable freezeRow to unfreeze all rows
  • REST proxy supports query string (for "delete" and "update" actions)
  • $enterKey method for Suggest
  • a border for Datatable frozen rows
  • clear API for PDF Viewer
  • [pivot] ability to override structure
  • [pivot] ability to process data on the server-side


  • series labels for Charts (ARIA-related)
  • prevent event only for moving selection
  • promise.all will reject, if any elements of promise were rejected
  • blocked area adding in Datatable area selection
  • row id as a parameter of Datatable freezeRow method
  • freezeRow and data filtering
  • month calendar should select date after year change
  • null values in line Chart (regression)
  • Slider refresh
  • scheme autoconfig for Datatable
  • scheme init with loaded config
  • drawing sector with angle > 180 degrees in pie Chart for Datatable sparklines
  • string values in pie Chart for Datatable sparklines
  • responsive Layout and last cell in the row
  • align-absolute and left, right paddings in FlexLayout
  • Uploader inside of an isolated view
  • regression in RichSelect control
  • adding page styles via webix.html.addStyle() in IE8
  • getValue() of Suggest
  • loading an empty array into data components
  • getText() for hidden RichSelect
  • getValue() for an "empty" option in Suggest
  • RangeChart last value
  • RangeChart: mouseup outside the document.body
  • no padding case for Charts
  • Multicombo disabled
  • performance of updateItem for DataLayout
  • setState() doesn't work correctly for hidden DataTable
  • rendering of hidden views in case of DataLayout
  • rendering of very long DataViews
  • cancel move selection for DateRange
  • keys navigation and checkbox 'announcement' by screen readers in checksuggest
  • keynav for Colorboard and ColorPicker
  • hover and focus CSS for prev/next buttons
  • issues with outline of HTML elements related to accessibility
  • DateRange icons padding
  • DateRange: set and correct values before triggering event
  • DateRange 'today' CSS
  • DateRange 'outside' CSS
  • refreshing Window with a "position" defined after the window's been moved
  • dragscroll for data components with custom item height
  • 0-hour label for the "en" locale
  • new navigation and areaselection in Datatable
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