Version 6.2

released on February 21, 2019

Check out the What's new pages of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

  • The sync proxy was removed
  • The parameters of proxy methods load(), save(), and saveAll() do not include callback, their order has changed
  • Loading error events: view.onLoadError and webix.onAjaxError with XHR as the only parameter, and webix.onLoadError with XHR and view as parameters
  • Callback of webix.ajax methods cannot be an array anymore
  • The format property of the Comments widget was removed; its functionality replaced by scheme
  • drag:"order" no longer supports the onAfterDropOrder и onBeforeDropOrder events

Check details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features

Webix Tools



  • Dashboard panels are moved by Webix draggable elements (resizer, rangechart and slider handles)
  • The ability to initialize webix.alert, webix.confirm, webix.modalbox for a container
  • Hidden spans are not checked during getSpan() call in Datatable
  • Sidebar: creating unnecessary popups stopped
  • List: type css adds custom CSS to an item
  • Config type property: custom CSS
  • Sidebar popup highlighting in the collapsed mode
  • fitMaster:true can break multicombo dropdown sizing
  • FormInput doesn't allow flexible label configuration
  • toExcel() in Datatable breaks when dateRangeFilter or serverDateRangeFilter are used
  • Problems with icons in Tree structure on Windows
  • window.webix_strict breaks default template of yAxis in chart
  • CSS is not working when Textarea is used with labelPosition: "top" in the Compact skin
  • Combo-editor stays while scrolling in Datatable
  • toExcel() and hidden spans
  • Inserting new value at the end of a multicombo line duplicates the value
  • Datatable does not destroy its subviews with itself
  • Datatable validation style
  • webix.require and .css files
  • Error moving rows when a row with math is deleted
  • Text with pattern/format triggers onChange for an initially empty input
  • animate: false for the multiview alongside with the initial value for the Tabbar will lead to an error
  • find() must return null in the "first" mode when nothing was found
  • Datatable: area selection and hidden columns
  • The FormInput control doesn't align with normal control
  • The destructor of the Comments widget
  • Hide gridlines: save borders on rows header
  • scroll value of List can be reset to undefined
  • protoUI from Fieldset: body cannot be passed in defaults
  • queryView() doesn't search in matching layouts
  • Edit columns with numberFormat can trigger updateItem even if data was not changed
  • Forminput within fieldset receives wrong styling
  • Datatable: enabled math causes error if datatable uses sparklines
  • Wrong size of accordion items
  • Different height of top layout elements (top-bar elements of Toolbar, Accordion, Header, Grid)
  • Comments serialization must not change data items
  • Correct export view for the Comments widget
  • Custom scroll: check if the view is enabled
  • Don't generate error message on checking for filter existence
  • Placeholders look like normal text in the Flat skin
  • Comments widget: check input node before getting the value
  • Datatable header: restore scroll after it renders
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