Version 6.1

released on November 22, 2018

Major Kanban Update

Kanban received a bunch of new features:

  • Modern styling for 5 skins
  • Rich card settings
  • Advanced popup editor for cards
  • Ability to assign users at runtime
  • Card attachments
  • Card comments

For more details, go to the what's new page of Kanban.

New Features



  • onTabFocus event for data components
  • column groupText and filter values are included into exports
  • server side filtering in dynamic list and predefined values
  • showItem API of Datatable in prerender mode on touch devices
  • touch scroll and dynamic lists
  • Bullet graph does not handle minRange while painting
  • incorrect right split after setState call
  • multiple data saving calls for the same record
  • regression in Promiz functionality after code compression
  • custom scroll should be hidden when mouse leaves the viewport
  • regression in offline and related proxies: storage object is lost
  • Rangeslider breaks in case of empty/invalid values
  • Slider shows NaN in case of an empty value
  • Multicombo cannot change the selectAll label correctly
  • when a page has more than 10 Multicombos, they cannot be resized properly
  • export to Excel for complex data (arrays and objects)
  • showItem method is not precise in some cases
  • different issues with parsing markup from XML
  • regression in scrolls for Richselect and Combo boxes
  • Uploader addFile breaks with non-object as the first parameter
  • autowidth for iconButton
  • text pattern/format can't be defined through protoUI defaults
  • non-passive event listeners for blockable mousewheel events
  • regression in webix.stringify
  • regression in data export for simple data components
  • regression in Touch scroll handling
  • regression in data mapping (complex templates)
  • XML Sidebar: arrows are missing on parent items in popup menu
  • missing references for Roboto woff2 files
  • Slider returns only numbers
  • Datatable row/column/cell selection focus highlighting
  • style for selected Checklist items
  • regressions in skin accessibility
  • area selection can modify zero value
  • Calendar size in case of zooming
  • reconstruct UI, where Suggests have ID
  • Suggest boxes miss $scope (webix-jet)
  • XML as datasource for Sidebar
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