Version 4.2

released on February 23, 2017

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

  • Access to third-party components' objects (charts, maps, scheduler) has changed. Now the only way to receive the component's object is to call the related getChart/getMap/getEditor/getScheduler() method.

It is also possible to force this method return a promise by passing the true parameter. The promise will resolve when the chart, map, editor or scheduler is loaded and ready to use.

  • One of the third-party components has changed its name. Now we have an updated HereMap instead of the NokiaMap.

Check the Migration Guide for more details.

New Features



  • Datatable header autosize calculation
  • text autosize calculation
  • regression in property updating
  • call master.refreshFilter on options update only if possible
  • show initial tab for tabview
  • let datatable cells preserve fixed height in subview mode
  • spline chart and zero values
  • sizing of layout after inner size changes
  • richSelectFilter API in hidden column in IE
  • template and tree can have incorrect x-scroll after resize
  • addOption for segmented and tabbar should refresh the control
  • height calculation for vertical radio with top label and radio with new lines
  • debug version: warn that donut is not supported by Rangechart
  • Here-map sample to replace Nokia-map
  • suggest should not select list items during navigation - it is handled by moveSelection
  • clipboard regression due to accessibility
  • tooltip $view links to a non-existent element
  • paint branch if a child checkbox is checked
  • aria label for html content in editor
  • rendering frame for initially hidden chart
  • don't draw labels for not rendered bars (0 value)
  • mind container borders when adjusting
  • scrolling of grouped rows, subrows and subviews with prerender in datatable
  • $setValue doesn't change value of input, blurring sets value
  • add escaped headers/footer to export scheme, required for pdf
  • clear loading markers and xhr on destruction
  • dragleave event fires for all child nodes of drop zone
  • Uploader's hover can interfere with file drag-n-drop
  • Uploader recognizes any status code below 400 as successful
  • better handling of key navigation during multiple and area selection in DataTable
  • set and move selection during key navigation only for views with data
  • area selection fails on filtering
  • DataTable getHeaderNode() should return HTML for columns in left and right splits
  • keep on drag-n-drop if an item has been dragged to the empty area of DataTable
  • regression in editNext() for Webix GPL version
  • regression in registerFilter() with non-existing column id
  • server-side filtering and onBeforeFilter event
  • check rendered columns when setting state of DataTable with left/right splits
  • clear filters silently during setting state - to prevent from filtering until the new state is set
  • clear specific invalid CSS during clearing all validation in DataTable
  • no resize when virtual keyboard popups, fix Chrome issue with scrolling to focused input issue
  • check column visibility before making datatable cell focusable
  • moveSelection() should not try to select data in empty data components
  • let the only item in a data component remain focusable regardless of selection
  • json.parseDates behaviour is more consistent
  • id is not autogenerated during importData call
  • clear dynamic loading flags when aborting server calls
  • mind string "0" when setting $parent of the topmost item
  • actualize chart sizes for RangeChart during resizing
  • add unique names for Radio input fields in the group if none were provided
  • escape ARIA label for controls while rendering
  • UI Toggle requires a label for changing the value
  • regression in Tabbar and IE8
  • refresh Tabbar if an option in the "more" list is selected
  • using show(true) for view inside of window
  • regression with spacer and align property
  • Accordion with resizer
  • localization: empty objects and strings overwrite default locale values
  • webix.copy should not process regular expressions (e.g. in input patterns)
  • DataView: define maximum elements dimensions for Firefox, IE and Safari
  • editor in the Tree adjusts to node
  • wrong navigation direction in DateRange with adjacent December and January months
  • Gage height and font-size
  • Gage styles fix for IE
  • RichText overflow fix
  • don't include x-axis title into modifications with dynamic chart
  • cleanup logic to PDFViewer for better memory usage
  • block mouse event handler for already destroyed views
  • align:absolute ignores right and bottom positions
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