Version 7.3

released on April 22, 2020

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Change

  • API for multiple view export toExcel() was changed

Check details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features


  • webix.filters object to store a set of comparison helpers for date/text/number data
  • new escHide property to toggle default 'hide on escape' behaviour
  • ability to paste comma-separated values into Multicombo
  • export of ExcelViewer with toPDF()


  • IDs can be duplicated when adding new values to Multicombo
  • pager regression for dynamically loaded data
  • isDirty returns incorrect result if Form contains DateRangePicker
  • destroy popups created by buttons
  • Excel filter position in Datatable header
  • Excel filter destroys synced Datacollection
  • Excel filter does not apply when refreshing Datatable
  • Excel filter corrupts Datatable header text during export
  • Excel filter fails if the first input is "none"
  • corrections for German locale in PDF Viewer
  • generate auto ids for Datatable columns within remote data
  • Sidebar and multiple selection: single mode only
  • ability to use radar Chart without X axis
  • inputs with text pattern ignore "CapsLock" key
  • align Datatable and CustomScroll to current skin row sizes
  • customized cell editors cannot apply new values
  • color editor cannot apply new value
  • simplify built-in editors logic
  • non-existent font mentions
  • correct width for Segmented options
  • Datatable: touch scroll issue
  • PDF viewer navigation to zero page
  • ColorBoard onItemClick event does not fire for selected cells
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