Version 10.0

released on November 9, 2022

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

  • Spreadsheet: formulas with HYPERLYNK stopped supporting browser styling

If there are links in the data and you want to keep them colored and underlined, you need to add styles for them separately.

  • Menu: showMenuItem\hideMenuItem to change visibility of the menu items

The hideItem method of the menu was renamed to hideMenuItem. To revert hiding, use the new showMenuItem method instead of showItem. The showItem method should be used to scroll the component to make the specified item visible.

  • Typescript definitions got updated All methods that used to return any now return webix.obj/union type. The exact return type depends on the method.

New Features

  • Desktop widget
  • ToDo widget
  • Willow and Dark skins
  • sorting in components for non-English locales
  • Bullet: negative values, origin, minBarHeigh
  • Gantt: baseline
  • Pivot: external data processing
  • Pivot: ability to define custom total operations
  • Pivot: adding custom complex operations
  • Spreadsheet: strict mode for plus operation
  • Spreadsheet: hide/show sheets via the menu
  • Spreadsheet: preview of print page borders
  • Spreadsheet demo: pressing ctrl+g allows you to move to any cell in the table
  • Spreadsheet: hyperlink: show cell


  • Document Manager: preview can be shown or hidden programmatically with a reactive state property


  • price format: incorrect minus sign pos
  • Select control ignores readonly
  • Bullet graph: marker has hardcoded color
  • incorrect typescript definitions for validation rules
  • insufficiency in webix.d.ts type definitions
  • bullet needs minimal value length to paint 0
  • Datatable with popup editor. When the table is destructed and then recreated, the popup is not recreated
  • Text pattern throws error when autofill is applied to a form input
  • Chrome reduces support of navigator.userAgent used in env.js
  • Menu showItem: unexpected behavior
  • Scheduler: month more view displays all-day (1 day) events as single
  • Pivot: incorrect group value for the complex operations in the Pivot
  • Spreadsheet: loading global ranges
  • Spreadsheet: ranges highlight
  • Spreadsheet: VLOOKUP for 0s returns null
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