Version 8.1

released on December 3, 2020

See also What's New of complex widgets:


  • protection for export file names
  • sorting in the correct direction after markSorting was applied
  • item is not copied to clipboard after editing
  • Chart legend is misplaced if created in initially not-rendered HTML element
  • Datatable: impossible to paste values after dblclick editing
  • ability to limit long touch when using custom drag control
  • keyboard navigation and ARIA labels in Color Selector
  • marker position of Color Selector in complex layouts
  • Treetable: data are not cleared upon server sorting
  • Treetable: promise chaining with loadNext does not work
  • Datatable: footer styling regression in Material and Mini skins
  • Datatable: text alignment regression in rotated header
  • Datatable: correct header styles for export
  • number of rows and gray scale in Colorboard
  • cursor:pointer for Colorboard items
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