Version 8.4.x

This page contains the logs of minor releases between 8.4 and 9.0.

Version 8.4.1


  • List: "move" and "order" drag-n-drop modes do not display drop area in dynamic mode
  • Datatable: hiding grouped columns with area selection applied to inner columns results in an error
  • Prompt modal box: pressing space inside of an input submits the value
  • Impossible to remove tooltip via the define() method

Diagram Fixes

  • Editor form is not scrollable
  • Editor does not clear previous selection before setting the new value

Scheduler Fixes

  • Timeline and Unit Views: impossible to alter specific occurrences of recurring events
  • Month view in IE does not render grid and events after mode change

Gantt Fixes

  • new task is not selected, form is not open
  • selecting an event out of viewport does not scroll to this event
  • moving tasks into projects does not change the project duration

Chat Fixes

  • video calls fail on some mobile platforms

Spreadsheet Fixes

  • incorrect order of values in cell ranges within math methods
  • row height is not applied during data loading
  • conditional formats cannot be copied into empty cells
  • cross-sheet formulas are serialized incorrectly without activating the initial sheet
  • colors of chart series are not updated after altering its source data
  • cut formulas are processed as copied ones
  • copy & paste of cells works unstably during keyboard navigation
  • typed formulas in conditional formats window are not adjusted to uppercase
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