Version 7.2

released on February 26, 2020

See also What's New of complex widgets:

Breaking Changes

  • FileManager 7.2 has a different API than File Manager v7.1 and below. While we will continue to provide bug-fixes for users of File Manager 7.1 there will be no new features for that version anymore.
  • The type property of the Filter widget was renamed to mode.

Check details in the Migration article to evaluate the influence on your projects and get info on the current functionality.

New Features



  • DateRange: prevent jumping over short month
  • parsing non-latin formatted dates
  • icon horizontal alignment in flat-based skins
  • Toggle icon position in case of iconTop
  • the wrong block-select when frozen rows are used
  • the incorrect selection/editing when frozen rows are used
  • minColumnWidth is not used during the DataTable init
  • panels added by drag-n-drop can be initialized incorrectly
  • destroying views while drag active can cause errors
  • behavior of the Highlight view when custom line-height used for text
  • regression in areaselection behaviors after Webix 7.0
  • regression in drag-n-drop in submenus after Webix 7.1
  • regression in template auto-height after Webix 7.1
  • exit fullscreen mode on Esc key
  • Gage with enabled smoothFlow in MultiView
  • tab/arrow navigation with the Korean keyboard
  • drag-n-drop of the Submenu items
  • print the DataTable columns with zero values
  • tab navigation blocks editing in SpreadSheet
  • processing browser autofill actions with UIManager
  • Chart legend positioning in the fullscreen mode
  • Popup closes on drag actions of the inside widgets
  • setting value into a not yet rendered Richselect control
  • number formatting regression in the Text input
  • checkboxes in the Filter view
  • replacing ScrollView dynamically
  • regression with item indices in DataTable with frozen rows
  • MultiCombo placeholder disappears when deleting values
  • DatePicker blur regression in IE11
  • DragControl ES6 regression
  • print margin cannot be reset once applied
  • DataTable: column DnD fails in FireFox with zoom less than 100
  • the Comments widget does not render async users
  • list icon alignment in flat-based skins
  • no repositioning of x-y custom scrollbars after autoscroll in DnD in Tree
  • DataTable: font color of selected items under drag marker in flat/compact skins
  • DataTable: printing a lot of spanned columns in the page-fit mode
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