Version 8.3

released on April 29, 2021

See also What's New of complex widgets:

New Features


  • Combo: onChange event fires twice on value suggestion
  • StackedBar Chart: correct rendering of negative values
  • Chart: incorrect rendering if origin is not multiple to step
  • Form setValues receives wrong parameters sometimes
  • Slider does not respect min/max values on initialization
  • Datepicker reverts its value after clearing with clear icon
  • Search: onSearchIconClick is not called for compound icon names
  • Excel filter: date values disappear after filtering
  • Chart: circle legend marker on iOS
  • Dataview: items count for different view sizes
  • Datatable: resizing rows/columns triggers selection
  • refresh Datatable once after clearing selection
  • Datatable eachColumn method: iterate columns in the current order
  • Inputs: "clear" icon is not found in custom builds
  • Datatable resize regression: correct get node class name
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