Version 3.2

released on February 24, 2016

Breaking Changes

  • Datatable methods exportToPDF() and exportToExcel() as well as Pivot methods toPDF() and toExcel() aren't available anymore. Use webix.toPDF() and webix.toExcel() methods instead.

  • The mechanism of loading Excel files into data components is modified. The "excel" proxy was removed. Use the "binary" proxy object to load files like Excel into data components and the "excel" datatype for parsing Excel files.

Check the Migration Guide for more details.

New Features



  • header spans during hide and show of datatable columns
  • edit operations in datatable and 0 value
  • columns filtering in datatable
  • incorrect focus for toggle buttons
  • history track in case of dynamic loading
  • dynamic loading for TreeTable
  • call scrollTo after Datatable reload
  • get suggested value from Suggest list without selection in it
  • getScrollState for Datatable
  • area/block selection in 'split' cases
  • subrows for dynamic loading in DataTable
  • onDataUpdate, onAfterAdd, onAfterDelete events fire after visual changes are applied
  • repainting Datatable subview in hidden state
  • onAfterAdd is called after added item is drawn
  • fix touch inputs
  • customCheckbox and customRadio in IE10
  • onStoreLoad call added for importData
  • style for disabled buttons
  • toolbar height in Flat and Compact skins
  • double watcher logic in Angular integration
  • DP parameters passing to updateItem
  • label/id of input elements
  • multiday rendering in Mobile Scheduler
  • pager size
  • filtering by multiple fields in Pivot Table
  • tab-click events in Excel Viewer
  • update visible selection after color board suggest is displayed
  • FileManager selection
  • spans rendering after columns number has changed
  • onAfterScroll event and non-touch handlers
  • onchange event for multitext control
  • url in loadBranch
  • auto-positioning popup in case of global scroll
  • DP parameters passing to updateItem
  • label/id of input elements
  • proxy.load call
  • IE8: vertical text of collapsed items
  • clearing hidden canvas
  • performance problem with .toExcel
  • native selection in views with enabled 'clipboard'
  • editing in views with enabled clipboard
  • regression in updateFromResponse
  • automatic data loading after receiving error response
  • clearing hidden canvas
  • full-screen for new iOS versions
  • newValues: default selection removed
  • touch: avoiding resize handling on virtual keyboard for focused inputs
  • workaround for iOS Safari bars overlapping in the landscape mode
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